Wednesday 10 June 2009

7:45 pm

New Target is a New Life


Tk tau nk say apa sbg 'pembuka kata'...nk meluahkan apa yg ku rasa kot...krn teda tmpt nk mgadu..nk mgadu dgn urg tua, tk besa plak...nk mgadu dgn adk, malas la plak...bcoz...this is my choice from beginning....all things happen, i need to accept that whether i like or not!

Regreting the things..cannot say by words..all in my HE@RT..

One thing...i still in loving wit Him (my Hubby) but..we r human being...we r had own attitude...when we r married, actually we need to..have to..FOCUS in our responsibility...Plz la be more understanding, n nothing more...juz for this time...juz when i'm pregnant...

Forgotting or not...memoise back i've done all this moment...not only 4 6 yrs we r married but almost 9 yrs we r known each other...not 4 anybody but 4 our marriage, our childrens n ourself...understood...????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geram nya!!! Sampai tk tau what to do....PLZ!!!

I don't want to crying anymore...i wanna sleep well every nite...Poning....Poning...

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